Eurodomo Chimney Review

Eurodomo is a renowned European brand, Eurodomo offers a wide range of kitchen appliances, sinks, and accessories with high quality and modern design at affordable prices. Eurodomo chimney is one the fastest growing chimney brand due to the quality and price of their chimney. For the last 15 years, Eurodomo has been crafting high-quality and innovative products for more than 35 countries across the globe. Major features that make Eurodomo appliances stand out are

  •  Excellent quality
  •  Design and functionality
  •  Easy installation, and
  •  The best price: quality ratio
Eurodomo Chimney Picture

Eurodomo Chimney basic features

  • Baffle filters are of stainless steel with smooth edges.
  • Hood is of powder-coated steel with a quality finish.
  • The touch panel and the upper glass panel are made from toughened glass.
  • Chimney comes with Auto Clean technology.

Eurodomo Chimney review

I have used Eurodomo chimney in my home for the past one year and these are the major point I observed.

  1. The electronic controls and touch are very good.
  2. The LED light functions in most Eurodomo chimneys are useful.
  3. Suction power is good. But make sure you buy the right suction power based on your need.
  4. Eurodomo chimney is noisy. If you are looking for less noise then check out our post on the noiseless kitchen chimney.
  5. Even if the chimney is auto clean. You need to take out the filters and clean them every six months.

Best Eurodomo chimney to buy


Not all Eurodomo chimney provide free ducting kit and change Rs600 for installation. This is compensated by the low cost of their chimneys compared to other brands. Installation is done by the company service engineer within 4 days.


Here is where Eurodomo lags a bit. Their service quality is not good.

FRANKE FABER INDIA LTD. Regd Office: 1086/1/2, Sanaswadi, Tal – Shirur, Pune – 412208 Maharashtra, India

1800 267 3484 (Toll Free)

Please note Eurodomo chimneys are available only on Amazon. Not all chimney in Eurodome brand has auto clean technology. It is a brand registered under FRANKE FABER INDIA LTD. It is a product of Faber and all installation and warranty related things are looked after by Faber.

You can check out our chimney buying guide for more details

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8 thoughts on “Eurodomo Chimney Review

  1. Worst Customer service ever.

    1. Most chimney services in India are bad. Eurodomo is the same. But they are improving now.

  2. Who will install the purchased EURODOMO kitchen chimney . The toll free no. of Eurodomo centre is not working.

    1. Eurodomo is sub brand of Faber. You can try to call Faber. The best thing is to ask the seller.

  3. Santosh Yeshwant Redkar November 5, 2022 — 7:26 pm

    Servine after installation is 😔

    1. Yes. You can use Urban Company to get your chimney serviced. They do a decent job.

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