Elica Chimney Review

Elica Corporation has been in the kitchen hoods market since the 1970s. Today the company has seven plants worldwide. Some countries are Italy, Poland, Mexico, India and China.

Pros of Elica Chimney

  1. Very low operating noise.
  2. Heat auto clean technology.
  3. Easy to clean baffle filter.
  4. Power efficient motor.
  5. Continuous innovation.

The hoods presented by Elica are the quietest that you will ever come across. They are equipped with Elica Deep Silence System. The technology integrated in them is dedicated to provide you with a peaceful cooking experience.

Every hood is equipped with an extractor fan that is so silent. You won’t hear it working even when it runs at a high speed. More importantly, the system reduces the levels of noise without compromising on the quality of performance.

Besides this, these hoods lessen the household noise by 35% in comparison to the common extractor hoods available.

Top Elica chimneys


Elica’s Standard installation costs ₹600. The ducting kit costs ₹1200.Total installation cost is ₹1800. Some Elica products come along with free ducting kit which include. Ducting kit has an aluminum duct, end cap and installation clamps.


Elica service is not as good compared to faber but they are improving over time.

1800 233 0007 or 9243007666.
SMS: ELICA < SPACE >YOUR NAME to 9220092200.

9:30am to 7:30pm.


You can check out our chimney buying guide for more details

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