Best Noiseless Kitchen Chimney

Kitchen chimney can be quite noisy and disturbing. Elica offers deep silent technology. Faber has SIL-K technology and Glen split technology.We have made a list of silent chimney available in market right now. We have made a list of silent chimney available in market right now.

Glen split chimney seems to be the best option but it is not available in market as of now. The second best option to go with is Elica deep silent chimney.

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1. Elica Deep Silent Chimney with EDS3 Technology 

  • EDS3 innovative technology an exclusive technology offers considerable noise reduction as compared to traditionally constructed. The system reduces noise levels without compromising performance.
  • 360 Degree Filter mesh for easy cleaning.
  • The tornadic suction of this silent chimney represents the maximum air flow capacity of 1010 m³/hr. The Quietest yet powerful.

2. Faber Glassy Sil-K BKL LTW 60 

  • Minimum noise level to maintain a calm environment in your kitchen. You can focus on your cooking and conversations without any disturbance.
  • 5 years warranty on Motor and Rotor.
  • Most efficient hoods to clean airborne grease and dirty air. Faber Hoods are packed with a powerful motor that gives you best in class Suction Power.
  • 3 layer Baffle Filter technology is designed especially for oily Indian cooking.

3. Glen Electric Split Chimney 6071 SS (currently unavailable)

  • The split chimney having indoor and outdoor units gives the benefit of noise free cooking .
  • Motor unit is separated from the main unit. Therefore, the noise is curbed to minimum leading to silent operation.
  • Airflow is 1250m3h.
  • Strength of steel and clear glass.

Elica , Faber and Glen are the only three chimney offering silent chimney. You can check out our chimney buying guide for more details.

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