Best Mixer Grinder to buy in 2021

Mixer Grinder is the most important equipment in Kitchen. You need a mixer grinder for most of the dishes you make. That too in Indian Cooking grinding masala is required for most of the dishes. The number of brands and mixer grinder in market is infinite. So how do you select the best mixer grinder for your use. In this post, we have listed the top mixer grinders that you can buy for your Indian home.

Things to Know before choosing Mixer Grinder

  1. The first thing to look is the Wattage. More the wattage faster you can grind. Also, wattage helps in grinding strong ingredients. For Indian kitchen any mixer of 500-750 watt should be enough.
  2. Number and size of Jars. Most mixer grinders come with 2 or more jars. Things to look at is the size of jar. It should have at-least one small jar and one big size jar. If you are looking for making juices, then it should have a juicer jar also.

Best Mixer Grinders

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