Top Bosch Kitchen Chimneys to buy

When you talk about quality in home appliances, the first brand that comes to your mind is Bosch. Good news for Chimney buyers is that Bosch has entered the Kitchen chimney arena and brought some fascinating chimneys for us. Let’s see the top chimneys that you can buy from Bosch.

Bosch comes with three different types of Kitchen chimney. Wall mounted, ceiling mounted or Island chimneys and telescopic chimneys.

Wall mounted Chimney

Wall mounted chimneys are like our regular kitchen chimneys that are mounted on the side wall. They have a duct attached to the top and a vent takes the air away from the kitchen.

Wall mounted chimneys are the most used and can be fit in any kitchen with an exhaust hole.

Best Wall mounted Bosch Chimney

Bosch Serie-4 90 cm Island Stainless Steel Hood


  1. Elegant box type design.
  2. Stainless steel body.
  3. Triple layer baffle filters with oil absorption technology.
  4. 4 fan speed control
  5. Maximum suction 750m3/hr.
  6. Noise level: 74dB.

Island Chimney

Island chimneys are used in kitchen where the cooking area is not near the walls. You need to have a proper duct setup to use island chimneys. These types of kitchens are planned well before construction and the ducting is completed along with the building.

Best Island Bosch chimney

Bosch- DIB128G50I,120 CM – Island Glass Box


  • Large surface area, 120cm
  • Stainless steel design.
  • Power consumption 230watt
  • Suction 800 m3/hr.
  • 4 speed fan setting
  • Ducted and ductless option.

Telescopic chimney

Telescopic chimney is designed to give you a sleek kitchen design. It should be used for smaller kitchen or confined cooking areas. These types of chimneys fir in to our kitchen cabinet and makes it look like there is no chimney.

Telescopic chimneys have a low suction rate so you should make sure your kitchen design compensates for that.

Best telescopic Bosch Chimney


  • Extraction rate: at 300 m3/h, it quickly ensures optimal kitchen air quality
  • Halogen lighting: for optimal, energy-efficient illumination of the hob.
  • Especially quiet: high performance at just 62 dB.
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