Baffle filter vs Filterless chimney

Filter technology can be little confusing when it comes to buying a chimney for your home. You will find options like charcoal filters, mesh filters and baffle filters. Baffle filters are the best type of filters to work with. When you are almost decided to go with baffle filters you will find another option now a days called filterless chimney. Now, this is super confusing. Should I buy a chimney with baffle filters or a filterless one. In this post, we will see which chimney option is good for you.

You should buy a baffle filter chimney if you use lot of oil in your cooking. If you need a chimney with low maintenance and use less oil in your cooking, then go for filterless chimney.

Baffle filter chimney

Uses the air bending technology to separate oil from gas and traps them in the filter.

Filterless chimney

No filters. Only a steel mesh to cover the opening to avoid dust falling into your food.

Operational differences between baffle filter and Filterless chimney

Baffle FilterFilteless
Fitted with removable Baffle filtersNo filter. Only a steel mesh to cover the opening.
Air gets cut through the baffle filterAir flows directly into the duct.
Oil and Oder gets separated.No separation is done. Motor sucks in both Oil and Oder.
Oil collectors collect during regular useOil collectors collect during auto clean
Maintenance requires filter cleaning every 6 monthsNo dismantling required. Cleaning completes in 10-15 mins using the auto clean function.
Suction is affected due to air flow direction changes.Suction is not affected as there is no filter.

Looks and installation

Both Baffle filter and filterless chimney look the same. Both requires installation of ducts. You will need to buy the installation kit separately. Both chimneys come with wall and ceiling mounting options.

Most of the other features are the same. Both chimneys have options for motion sensors, gesture control, led lights.


Buy filterless chimney if you don’t use much oil in your cooking methods. If you are confused about other features of the chimney. Use our kitchen chimney size calculator to find out the best chimney for your kitchen.

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