How I doubled my Chimney sales: marketing case study

My sales have been lacking for the entire year. I tried multiple methods to improve sales but nothing worked. Are you in the same boat? Then read further to find out how I doubled my chimney sales in less than a month.

The sales numbers

I did a total of Rs60000 in sales in October which is very less considering the amount taken as profit is less than Rs10000. So, I was looking for options to grow my business and it was very clear than unless I increase my sales there is no way to increase my revenue. In order to bring down my customer acquisition cost I had to increase my conversion ratio.

I needed to answer the very important question to improve my conversion. Why would the customer want to buy from me and not from my competitor?

I found the answer. Its incentive marketing. You can see how the sales doubled in a month using this incentive marketing technique in the image below.

What is incentive marketing?

Providing incentives in form of discounts, bonus or material for a purchase is called incentive marketing. Now the first though will be won’t it be a loss? You are right. If you are giving price discounts then yes.

What if I tell you there is a way to give away unlimited incentives, with fixed monthly cost?

Won’t it help you boost your business?

My secret incentive tool.

Here is what I did to increase my sales.

I would give away a free luxury hotel stay for 4 nights to goa for anyone that makes a purchase above Rs10000/-. You can see the voucher below. The cost for unlimited vouchers is only $37/month that is Rs.3000/month.

Activation needs to be done within 7 days but the user can travel up to 18 months.

Don’t believe, it can be true? You can try it yourself for free and get a vacation for yourself with the 7-day free trial from Marketing boost.

Marketing boost has travel tie ups for up to 125 destinations around the globe. The best part is there is no time share involved in this.

Start boosting sales now.

Here is what other people using marketing boost think.

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