Best ductless Kitchen chimney to buy in 2022

Ductless kitchen chimney makes your kitchen look elegant by eliminating the ugly looking duct from your kitchen. The way ductless chimney work is they suck in the smoke and filter out the fumes. Then the clean air let back inside kitchen. So, technically any chimney with a filter and an oil collector can be used as a ductless chimney.

The new filter less chimneys cannot be used as ductless chimney as they have no mechanism to separate the oil fumes from the air. The best option is to go with a baffle filter chimney with auto clean technology. You can read more about the differences in out ductless vs ducted chimney post.

1. Chimney with an air purifier

Faber 3 Way Suction Chimney with Air purifier


  • Best suited for ductless application with inbuild air purifier.
  • 3-way suction ensures clean air inside kitchen.
  • Baffle filters ensure that oil particles are trapped inside the Chimney.
  • Comes with noise reduction feature.


  • Air purifier with HEPA filter requires frequent cleaning.

2. Dry heat auto clean chimney

Kaff Auto clean Chimney


  • Recirculating air feature for ductless operation.
  • Conical filter design for maximum suction.
  • Auto clean technology with oil collector.


  • Charcoal filters are difficult to clean.
  • More noise compared to traditional chimney.
  • No air purifier.

3. The triple layer baffle filter chimney

Faber 3-way, triple layer baffle filter chimney


  • 3 Way suctions.
  • Tripple layer baffle filter.
  • Slim design.
  • Low noise.


  • No touch control.
  • No air purifier.

Best ductless chimney and hob deal

Glen ductless chimney and hob

  • Glen Chimney with Glen gas stove combo (Kitchen combo Offer Online)
  • CHIMNEY – Airflow 1000 m³/h, Life time warranty, Stainless steel baffle filter, Motor with TOP Energy saving,2 LED lights
  • FRP housing, Push button control, Size 60 Cms
  • GAS STOVE – Easy to clean, Toughened black glass top Extra strong pan support
  • Stainless Steel Drip tray, Revolving inlet nozzle ISI Certified Support only LPG Gas (on request convertible to PNG Gas on chargeable basis)
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