Kutchina Kitchen chimney designs and options

Kutchina was the first brand to design the auto clean chimney. They are the pioneers in chimney cleaning technology. Now they have introduced self-cleaning chimney lines. In this post, we will see the options available in Kutchina chimney range and the best ones to buy for your home.

Types of Kitchen chimneys offered by Kutchina

Autoclean Chimney

Inclined Chimney

Straight line chimney

Reasons to buy Kutchina Chimney

  • Life time warranty on motors.
  • All chimneys from kutchina are filter less.
  • Only chimney brand to offer self-cleaning chimney.

Cons of Kutchina chimney

  • Filter less technlogy may not be suitable for heavy oil cooking.
  • No installation kit in the box.
  • Very bad service

Best Kutchina Chimney to buy

  • Intelligent auto clean technology.
  • Lifelong warranty on motor.
  • 1400 m3/hr suction power.
  • Filter less technology for efficient suction.
  • Reduced noise.
  • Less maintenance
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