Kitchen chimney vs Exhaust fan

There are many factors that you must consider before buying a Kitchen chimney or an Exhaust fan. Both exhaust fan and kitchen chimney remove the smoke from your kitchen and vent it into the outside atmosphere.

The major difference between the way a kitchen chimney and an Exhaust fan work is the way the smoke travels. In case of the Kitchen chimney the smoke is sucked into a duct directly above the hob/stove and does not interact with any other kitchen components. But an exhaust fan pulls the smoke in one place and thus allowing the smoke to interact with other kitchen elements.

Exhaust fan


  1. Less power consumption.
  2. Exhaust hole also provides ventilation.
  3. Creates good air circulation.
  4. Cheaper than a chimney.


  1. Leaves oil stains inside kitchen.
  2. Not good for large kitchen.
  3. Requires a way for air to enter inside the kitchen. Otherwise, depressurization may happen.

Kitchen Chimney


  1. Looks stylish.
  2. Removes oil fumes.
  3. More efficient at smoke removal.
  4. Suitable for all kitchen sizes.


  1. Costlier than exhaust fan.
  2. More power consumption.
  3. Nosier than an exhaust fan.

Kitchen Chimney vs Exhaust power consumption

Kitchen chimney comes with other features like auto clean and led lamps. All features included the average chimney power consumption will be


Exhaust fan is only the power rating of the fan which will be on an average


Energy consumption/day if run of 5 hours/day

Kitchen chimney: 1.5 Units(kWh)

Exhaust fan: 0.4 Units(kWh)

Kitchen chimney vs exhaust fan noise

Average kitchen chimney noise level is 58dB. As the person cooking stands near the chimney the noise heard will be at the same level.

An average exhaust fan produces around 40dB noise. But the exhaust fan is generally placed at a height thereby reducing the noise the user experiences.


If you have a large kitchen and don’t want your kitchen to be covered by oil stains after a few years then you must go for a kitchen chimney. Exhaust fan is best suited for small kitchens that are well ventilated.

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