Kitchen chimney designs in market in 2022

Kitchen chimneys are available in various design and sizes. The look and feel of a kitchen chimney must blend in with your kitchen design to make your kitchen elegant looking. In this post, we will see the top kitchen chimney design and where they are used

Angular chimney

Curved Glass

Straight line

Pyramid chimney

Angular chimney

Angular kitchen chimney is for the compact modern kitchens. They take up less horizontal space compared to regular kitchen chimneys. They are stylist elegant looking and also efficient at removing oil fumes from your kitchen.

The angular shape helps even filter less chimney efficiently remove oil fumes by changing the air flow direction.

Curved Glass chimney

Curved glass chimneys as the name goes have a simple curved glass in the front that is protruding outside the filter area. There is no functionality difference in this design. It’s just a matter of style and design.

Curved glass looks very good if you have a hob that’s bigger than your kitchen chimney.

Straight line chimney

These chimneys are for people who like things simple yet elegant. Straight line chimney a statement of simplicity. They are well suited for island chimney installation. The duct on the back sits directly on the straight chimney hood.

Straight line chimneys have a very thin extractor hood that makes the chimney blend in with the kitchen design.

Pyramid chimney

The extractor hood of the chimney will be in the shape of a pyramid. I personally get a factory feel when I see these chimneys. They do look good with some kitchen design but are mostly suited well in a hotel kitchen rather than a home kitchen. Well again, it’s a matter of personal choice.

There is one more option when it comes to kitchen chimney

Built in kitchen chimney

Built-in or designer kitchen chimney generally fit inside a modular kitchen arrangement. They are custom made to fit the kitchen design. A built-in kitchen chimney is almost invisible.

You need to talk to your modular kitchen designer to get the chimney custom made for you. This can only be done if the chimney is planned in the designing phase.

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