Best Faber chimney to buy in 2022

Faber is one the most trusted made in India kitchen chimney brand available in the market. They have wide range of kitchen chimney from aerostation with multiple functionalities to the basic charcoal filter chimney. In this post, we will see the top faber chimneys to buy in different categories.

Faber multi suction 3D chimney

These chimneys come with multiple suction holes around the chimney hood for efficient suction. Two major options in this category are 6-way and 3-way.

6 Way suction chimney

Faber 60 cm 6-way Silent Suction

  • 6- way silent suction.
  • Auto clean, filter less technology.
  • 1200m3/hr suction suitable for large kitchen.
  • Touch and gesture control.
  • Installation kit chargeable extra.

3 Way suction chimney

Faber 60 cm 3 Way Silent Suction

  • 3-way silent suction.
  • Triple layer baffle filter for oily cooking.
  • 1298 m3/hr for large kitchen.
  • Touch and gesture control.
  • Installation kit chargeable extra.

Faber Filteless auto clean chimney

3D chimneys by Faber don’t have the 90cm option. The next best faber has to offer is the filter less auto clean chimney.

Faber 90 cm Curved Glass Autoclean Chimney

  • 90 cm filterless and auto clean chimney.
  • Curved glass design.
  • Touch and motion control.
  • 1200m3/hr suction for large kitchen.
  • Installation kit chargeable extra.

Best Baffle filter chimney by Faber

Even though filter less chimneys are maintenance free, they are not the best when your cooking includes a lot of oil. This kind of situation requires baffle filters. Here is the best baffle filter chimney by Faber.

Faber 90 cm 1095 m³/HR Pyramid Kitchen Chimney

  • Tripple layer baffle filter chimney
  • 90 cm hood for large stove.
  • 1095m3/hr suction.
  • Push button control
  • Installation chargeable extra

Faber angular chimney

Angular chimney is the most space efficient chimney. They occupy very little horizontal space compared to other kitchen chimneys.

Faber 60 cm Angular Kitchen Chimney

  • Filteless auto clean technology.
  • 1350m3/hr for large kitchen and heavy frying.
  • Angular design.
  • Less maintenance and more suction.
  • Installation chargeable extra

Faber 3 in one Chimney

Faber is the only chimney manufacturer to provide a fan and an air purifier along with the chimney.

Faber 3in1 Chimney

  • Air purifier
  • Fan
  • Baffle filter
  • 1095m3/hr suction
  • Straight glass design.
  • Installation chargeable extra
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