Kitchen chimney noise level based on design and brand

Noise is one of the biggest problems with kitchen chimney. The noise level with some chimneys is so high that the person in the kitchen can’t hear anything else happening in their home.

If you are looking to buy noiseless chimney then check out post on the best noiseless kitchen chimneys to buy.

In this post, we will see the noise level based on different technology of the top brand chimney

Noise level of regular chimney based on suction power

Suction powerNoise level
800m3/hr or less48-50dB
1000m3/hr or more58dB or more

Noise level based on Chimney technology

We are taking the suction power as 1200m3/hr for this comparison.

Elica deep silent45-50dB
Faber SIL technology45-50dB
Glen Split chimneyNo noise from the indoor Unit

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