Kitchen chimney Advantages and Disadvantages

A kitchen chimney is a great appliance to keep your home free from oil stains. But like all equipment’s kitchen chimneys also have man advantages and disadvantages. Let’s explore them in this post.

Photo of a Kitchen chimney

Kitchen chimney advantages

Keeps the kitchen free from oil stains

A regular kitchen has a lot of oil stains after a few years of cooking. But if you regularly use a kitchen chimney then there will be a noticeable difference in the oil stains on the cupboards and kitchen walls.

You can actually see the amount of oil the filter of a kitchen chimney collects in a period of 6 months. The oil will be spread across your kitchen if the kitchen chimney is not there.

More breathable air inside the kitchen

Ever felt like coughing while cooking due to the spices in your dish? That is because the air from the cooking is not efficiently sent out. This can be avoided with a kitchen chimney.

Kitchen chimney sucks in the air directly above the hob/stove and takes it out of the kitchen atmosphere. This makes the air in the kitchen more breathable and the kitchen remains comfortable to cook.

Makes the kitchen more stylish

Interior design is the trend of today. Almost all newly constructed homes spend a lot of money on interior design and modular kitchen. A modular kitchen without a chimney will look bad. A kitchen chimney adds to the elegant design of your kitchen.

Now a days there are designer chimneys that fit well within the modular kitchen space and can be customized to your requirement.

Disadvantages of a kitchen chimney


Kitchen chimney is the costliest way to remove the oil fumes from your kitchen. Compared to the kitchen chimney alternatives, the cost of a chimney is almost 3 times the other equipment’s.

There are cheaper chimneys available on the market but they don’t deliver on the efficient part. It’s better to go with a high-quality chimney than a cheaper one.


A kitchen chimney produces a good amount of noise inside the home. An average chimney produces 58dB of noise. Some chimney brands have tried to produce noiseless chimneys but they are not as noiseless as they claim.

The quietest chimney produced 45dB of noise. Only the split chimney by Glen is effective in reducing the in-kitchen noise but they sacrifice the suction power by having the fan in the outdoor unit.

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