Kitchen Chimney's Encyclopedia

Get all your Doubts cleared.

What is Kitchen Chimney?

Kitchen chimney setup

Chimney can be a metal or concrete structure. It is used to suck away the smoke produced by a stove or by burning wood. The main purpose of chimney is to make sure that the smoke doesn’t fill up the room. It also maintains clean air inside the living space. Chimneys are used in lot of industry and household applications.

A basic kitchen chimney has a chimney hood (placed above the stove), grease filters, an exhaust pipe and an exhaust cap at the end.

How kitchen chimney works?

A Kitchen chimney sucks the fumes inside the kitchen and sends it out. The fumes pass through the filters which absorbs the heat and traps the grease particles. Kitchen chimney utilizes a fan for creating the suction. The smoke after passing through the filters enters the chimney duct. The duct leads the smoke to the environment.

Why do you need a chimney?

Most of the people think chimney is waste of money and maintaining it is costly. What they don’t foresee is that using a chimney can actually save a lot of money later. Chimney does not allow the oil and smoke to spread across the living area and thereby reducing the oil stains on tiles and roofs to a major extent.

Though it is true that chimney requires constant cleaning but the cost of chimney cleaning is very less compared to changing oily tiles and repainting roofs. Changing tiles may even cost in lakhs. Not just that a lack of chimney may spoil your kitchen shelf too. Also, a chimney adds an elegant look to a modern kitchen.

Not Everyone needs a Chimney

First thing to look for is, whether your cooking area is filled with smoke while you are cooking. Secondly, what kind of foods you regularly cook? If you cook oily foods on regular basis then chimney is a must.

If you have a modular kitchen then chimney adds a very good look to the kitchen and also saves all the kitchen cabinets from oily stains.

Chimney is like an investment for your kitchen.

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