Amazon Prime day Promo codes

Do you know amazon promo codes are available for free and yet many people don’t know about this. Here is a step by step procedure with screenshots to collect your free amazon coupons.

Go to Amazon homepage by clicking this link.

Click on Today’s Deals

Click on today’s Deals

Click on Coupons

Click on Coupons

Sign In To view your coupons

Sign in to view coupons

Click on Collect Coupon

Click on collect Coupon

How to avail coupon benefits?FAQ?

1.How do I discover and use Amazon Coupons?

You can discover coupons through the Coupons Home Page, product detail page, search, product listing pages and in your shopping cart. You can use coupons by ‘collecting’ them first by clicking on the ‘Collect Coupon’ button seen in these pages. After you have collected the coupon, when you checkout, the discount will be automatically applied during checkout.

2.Do I need to copy and paste some coupon code?

There are no visible promo codes to copy and paste. You just have to click on “Collect Coupon” button and the discount will be automatically applied as you checkout.

3.Can I collect a coupon now and make the purchase later?

Yes. The collected coupon will be saved to your account and will be automatically applied when you purchase the item from the same seller from whom the coupon was collected. Meanwhile, if the coupon validity expires, it’ll be removed from your account. From the Coupon bar on the Coupons pages, you can see the Coupons which will expire soon so you can make a purchase before expiry.

4.Where will I find the coupons collected by me?

When you visit Amazon Coupons page, you’ll find a “View Coupons” link on the Coupons Bar on top of the page. Once you click on it, it’ll take you to ‘‘Your Coupons’’page showing all the valid coupons collected by you.

5.What happens if I want to return the item purchased using Coupon?

If you return the item within the return window and want a refund, you’ll get the amount paid by you. If you want a replacement, you’ll get it for free without any additional payment.

6.If I collect a coupon and purchase multiple quantities of the item, will I get the coupon discount on all items?

No. The Coupon discount will be applied only to one unit of your purchase. E.g., if you collect a Coupon of 10% off on Item X worth INR 100 and you go on purchasing 4 units of Item X for INR 400, you’ll get a total discount of INR 10 only and not INR 40


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