Chimney power consumption details.

Most of us worry that installing a chimney will bring us large electricity bills. In this post we give you an idea of how much power your chimney consumes.

Power consumption of chimney mostly depends on the features available on the chimney. For example a auto clean chimney consumes more power compared to a regular one. But that doesnt mean you shouldn’t go for an auto clean chimney.

Here is the power break up

  1. Motor-150 to 200 watt depending on the suction power.
  2. Illumination: 25 watt *number of lights. (generally 2 lights are provided, so 50 watt).
  3. Auto clean feature:100 watt (auto clean doesn’t run all the time).

The maximum power consumption is around 300 to 350 watt depending on the type od chimney. Considering that auto clean feature doesnt run all the time,it is safe to say that a average chimney power rating is 230 watt.

Get power saving devices for your home.

You can check out our chimney buying guide for more details.

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