7 Things on how to select chimney.

Before we start on with how to select chimney ,if you are totally new to chimney you must check on our other post on is kitchen chimney useful.

Now that you know if you require a chimney or not ,we can look at some major criteria to consider before buying a chimney.


1.Size of your chimney

Size of your chimney mainly depends on the size of the stove you have. Most commonly available sizes of chimney are 60 cm and 90 cm. If you have a stove with two burners or less you can go for 60 cm chimney. But if your stove has 3 burners or more you should opt for a 90 cm chimney.

2. Mounting Style

Mounting style depends on your kitchen’s construction. If you have got a cemented duct constructed through your roof then you can go for ceiling mounted but make sure the shape of your duct and chimney matches i.e if you have a round duct make sure the chimney has a round pipe as exhaust. In case of a kitchen with a normal exhaust hole you can go for wall mounted chimney.

3.Suction Capacity

Chimneys are available with varied suction capacities from 700 m3/hr to 1600 m3/hr. You can choose the suction power based on your cooking style. If you are a vegetarian with less oily food consumption you can go for a suction power from 800 to 1000. If you are non vegetarian i suggest not to buy chimney below a suction power of 1100. In case you consume more deep fried foods you must definitely buy a chimney above 1200 suction power.

Check out the detailed guide on suction power


Chimneys in India come in two options. One with curved glass and one with straight glass. This decision is purely based on your taste. Although you should go for the one that you feel will make your kitchen look cooler, I prefer curved glass if it is wall mounted and straight glass if its ceiling mounted.

5.Installation and included in the box

Most of the chimney sellers don’t include the installation,aluminium duct and the end cap with the chimney box and you have to buy them separately. There are some chimneys that include them with the package. It is very important to check these details before buying.


Most importantly, no matter how good the product is if doesn’t have a good service line up then don’t go for it. Therefore it is important to check if the manufacturer provided service in your area before ordering.

You can check out this link for a comprehensive guide

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7. Filterless technology

Chimneys now a days come with filter less technologies. Chimney without filters require much less cleaning. They often come with oil collectors and auto clean technology. They might be little costlier than normal chimney but the service cost nullifies the difference.

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