Kitchen Chimney Installation

If you are here that means you have already bought a chimney and looking for a way to get it installed.

If you are yet to buy a chimney, check out the best chimney to buy in 2022.

Most of the chimney providers provide installation for an extra cost, having some knowledge about the installation can help you judge their work. Also, all chimney come with plastic duct pipe which are not good and will break after a few months’ usage. It will cost you more to call the installation guy for the second time to change the duct pipe. It’s better to buy the duct pipe and cover along with the chimney and get it installed in one go. Take a look at your chimney specification before buying the duct pipe. Duct pipe size depends on the chimney type.

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Let’s get into detail about chimney installation.


Chimney’s size plays a very important role while installation. A big chimney can suck up smoke from your hob even when little displaced. But, if your chimney size matches that of the hob, then it’s very important to place the chimney directly above it i.e. matching it end to end.

If you have a smaller chimney then match the center of the chimney and hob.

Check out this chimney buying guide for more clarity.


sample chimney installation image

The distance between top of the hob and chimney should be between 26” to 30”. If the distance is below 26” and the gas stove is turned on without any utensil on the burner, chimney may catch fire due to the oil in the collectors. And if the distance between chimney and hob exceeds 36”, chimney cannot take away all the heat and smoke. Thus, the impurities get settle down which makes kitchen shelves oily and dirt.

Distance from hob determines the efficiency of the chimney.


sample chimney installation image

In case of ducted chimneys, make sure that the duct should not be more than 12 feet. The most preferred type for duct is Stainless steel and aluminum because of its strength and durability. Most of the chimneys comes with PVC which easily melts in case of excess heat while suction.

Another thing is that, the duct should not contain more number of bends. Bends make it difficult for the smoke to reach the exhaust. Hence, a small pipe with fewer bends is more effective.


In the external wall of the kitchen make a 6-inch-wide and circular opening for the duct. This cut-out should be made at a height of 7 feet above from the floor level on the external wall of the kitchen. In case of no pre-existing hole, contact chimney installer to make a correct hole for installing the chimney in a correct position.

sample chimney installation image

Another way could be by using the cut-out hole of external exhaust fan for passing the duct through it. If you live in rented house or apartments, it is better to go for ductless chimney types to avoid such situations.

5. Kitchen chimney installation cost

Genera charges for a kitchen chimney installation consists of labor charge and ducting material cost. The time taken for installation engineer to visit may be between 24 to 48 hours of the chimney delivery. Here is the standard cost charged by major chimney brands for installation

  1. Labor or installation charge- ₹600
  2. Ducting kit charges- ₹1200

Some installation engineers take travel charges too.

Check out the video below for complete installation procedure.

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