Best Kitchen Chimney to buy this year.

Chimneys vary in size, suction power, glass type, and so many other things. So, choosing the right chimney will be a bit tough because of so many factors involved. Here are some suggestions for kitchen chimneys based on the number of burners and kitchen type.

1. For Gas Stoves with 2-4 burners:

If you have a gas stove with 2-4 burners then go for a 60 cm wall mounted chimney. Check out the following 60 cm curved glass chimneys to make your kitchen elegant.

2. For Gas Stove with 3-5 burners:

For a gas stove with 3-5 burners then buy a chimney of 90 cm size. Do check out some of these 90 cm chimneys which are affordable as well as efficient.

3. For Gas Stove with 4-6 burners:

Check out the following list of best wall mounted chimneys if you are using a stove with 4-6 burners.

4. Small and Normal Kitchen:(35 to 50 sqft)

Small/normal kitchen requires a compact chimney. Following chimney will look elegant and fit exactly for a small/ normal kitchen.

5. Large Kitchen:(above 50 sqft)

If you have a large, wider or an open kitchen then you will require a chimney with more suction power, these chimneys will give an elegant look to your kitchen and also serve the purpose of suction.

Comparison of best chimneys in AMAZON

Eurodomo Auto Clean ChimneyElica Auto Clean ChimneyFaber Chimney
(2 Triple Layer Baffle Filters)
Faber Chimney
(2 Triple Layer Baffle Filters)
Eurodomo Auto Clean Chimney
1200 m^3/hr1200 m^3/hr1000 m^3/hr1095 m^3/hr1200 m^3/hr
SIZE90 cm90 cm60 cm60 cm60 cm
Curved Glass, Wall MountedCurved Glass Wall MountedCurved Glass, Wall MountedStraight Glass, Wall MountedCurved Glass, Wall Mounted
CONTROL TYPETouch controlTouch Panel ControlPush Button ControlPush Button ControlTouch Control
check in AmazonCheck in AmazonCheck in AmazonCheck in AmazonCheck in Amazon

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