Top Parameters to look for in a Chimney

Not all kitchen chimneys are suitable for all kitchens, you should know if a kitchen chimney is useful to you before buying one.


Suction Capacity

Suction capacity, is a measure of how much air a kitchen chimney can remove from the cooking area per unit of time.


The size of the chimney should be proportional to the size of the cooking area

Chimney size

It’s important to choose a mounting style that fits your kitchen layout, design and functionality.

Mounting Style


Off-white Section Separator

Glass Style

Chimneys in India come in two options. One with curved glass and one with straight glass.

Rounded Banner With Dots



There are some chimney manufacturers that include installation kit with the package.

Installation  kit

Most importantly, no matter how good the product is it doesn’t have a good service line up then don’t go for it.



Chimneys now a days come with filter less technologies. Chimney without filters requires much less cleaning but have other cons

Filter Technology