Chimney can be a metal or concrete structure, that is used to suck away the smoke produced by stove or by burning wood.

The modern kitchen chimney has a chimney hood (placed above the stove), a grease filters, an exhaust pipe and an exhaust cap at the end.

Kitchen chimney utilizes a fan for creating the suction. The smoke after passing through the filters enters the chimney duct. The duct leads the smoke to the environment.

Chimney does not allow the oil and smoke to spread across the living area and thereby reducing the oil stains on tiles and roofs to a major extent.

Floral Pattern
Floral Pattern

Lack of chimney may spoil your kitchen shelf too.

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Chimney requires constant cleaning but the cost of chimney cleaning is very less compared to changing oily tiles and repainting roofs.

Chimney adds a very good look to the kitchen. Selecting the right chimney based on your kitchen style is important.

Kitchen chimneys are also known as Range hoods or Cooker hoods