What are auto clean chimney?

Auto clean chimneys solve one of the major problem with kitchen chimneys i.e cleaning. Auto clean chimneys reduce the cleaning requirement of chimney to a considerable level by equipping oil collector and non stick turbine blower.

In an Auto clean chimney the oil particles are forced to move towards the blower wall and collected in oil collectors. These oil collectors are detachable and needs to be wasted once in a month. This is fairly easy compared to non oil collector chimneys that requires you to clean the grease filter.


Advantages of a auto clean chimney

  1. Easy cleaning.
  2. No filter clogging issue.
  3. Longer life span.
  4. More suction power.

Auto clean chimney cost a little more than the normal chimney. Considering the advantages it is best to go for a auto clean chimney rather than a normal one. You can check our chimney buying guide for more info.

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